Startups & Enterprises

Get Your Startup Ready With Marketing Keeda

Our Mobile Marketing panel is built from the ground up to assist startups and SMBs meet a wide variety of needs from a single platform at minimal cost. We like ‘easy to use’, ‘out of the box’ products and we strived to build the same. Here are a few use cases to help you get started:

  • Send automated order confirmations, OTPs, delivery alerts, renewal reminders and missed messages with transactional sms via comprehensive API's
  • Broadcast a Missed Call number in all your offline & online marketing collaterals and increase your customer base.
  • Send better promotional messages with trackable links. e.g., you can easily promote your app with a direct download link and track the click-throughs
  • Get an SMS address for your business and open up an easy 2-way communication channel with your customers. Get your own dedicated or shared short code or long code.
  • Easily create and send unique coupons to your customers
  • Collect data and feedback from customers with Surveys and Forms
  • Assist your field force with our Android mobile app to send SMS (Coming Soon)
  • We also offer various  solutions, including creating user roles, template management, and data analysis.

Future Ready CRM Tools

Shorten links & Track Metrics
Be aware of links clicked vs sms sent. Use the URL shorter, save text length & track all links sent via text from your account.
Receive Leads
Using Missed call, Long Code & Short Code gather leads & feedbacks from the open market. Just add any of the above services & see your customer base grow & increase engagement level in a single panel.
18 Indian Languages
Why copy paste when you can type in 18 different languages & that too within a single SMS campaign.
Multi-User Roles & Privileges
Are you a brand with multiple locations. We give you an option to create multiple users, alot credits, track usage & manage effectiveness of each specific account.
3 Yearly Greeting / Alert Schedulers
Schedule birthdays, anniversaries & renewal alerts to specific contacts. Our cron sends your template on the specified date annually until you decide to stop. Just add the data once, enable it with the time & it send yearly on its own
Surveys & Forms
Create a survey or forms & send it as a trackable shortened link to the mobile numbers. Get the data back & gather the data received via the surveys filled.