•  We are a Full-service Marketing Agency providing a range of services to satisfy all your branding, marketing and promotion needs. We provide all services under one roof, be it Digital to offline Marketing or SMS to Email Marketing.              
  •   Marketing Keeda was launched in 2015 by founder & Entrepreneur Rajesh Salian after an alliance of experience Pan India, collaborating over 12 years in Retail, Telecom, Marketing, Front-end operations & Brand Identity Management. We strive to make a difference for each other, the clients we serve, the vendors we work with & the communities we support. 

Our Approach: We do this by helping Small to Medium Enterprises reach their potential through solutions that spread their brand, build their customer base, streamline work-processes and optimize revenue. In turn, we invest in programs to empower through knowledge. Our clientele includes Naturals salon, AVG India & Lions Club.

Our Weapons: Our range of affordable IT services and digital technology have been collectively enjoyed by scores of clients in various industry segments including healthcare, retail and on-line commerce, hospitality, manufacturing, construction, logistics, NGO’s and consulting services. 


To provide short, simple and effective marketing solutions to businesses, orgnizations and individuals; which is effective and affordable.


To adapt marketing messaging for latest technology and provide end to end solutions.

Our Approach

  • Ideation:
    Firstly we understand our client’s profile. Market Research is 2nd thing we do & gather information about our client’s competitors & their goals.
  • Draft:
    In this stage we make a tentative plan, a couple of backup plans too & the timelines to execution. Once the client signs off, we start shaping these draft plans to reality.
  • Content:
    We’re about to make your brand, so words that come originally from the clients not only stand the test of time but also give your brand a successful sales pitch with confidence. We could also do the Content writing part for our clients. But here again client approval is required.
  • Visuals:
    When the vision, roadmap & content are planned we start adapting relevant images as per plan. We use stock images which may be costed additionally.
    Once all the required content, images and footage is collected; the execution team generates the desired output in relevant multimedia files.
  • Trial Run & Delivery:
    We put the proposed launch plan through a series of checklist as per the project type and then client is requested for final review.
    Our work is not done just by completing our work & making our clients happy for some time, depending on the project, suitable support is provided by Marketing Keeda to ensure that your brand gets better & better with time. And need we say this, that our client’s success is our success.

 Following are the Main Features of the Top Class Services We Provide


Customer Oriented

The solutions we provide are customer oriented in the sense that they are made with our clients design in consideration. They are made with the aim to meet the requirements of our clients.



We ensure transparency in our operations. We keep our clients updated about the progress of the project we are working on. We inform our clients about the process, we would follow to accomplish the project.



With a professional attitude, we complete all our projects on time. We ensure to meet our clients at committed times. When we commit, we do it!


Creativity & Innovation

These are the two pillars of every project we work on. Blending the latest technology, with the creative powers of our developers we churn out mind boggling solutions.



We understand the importance of funds and their effective utilization for every business. Our experience and expertises are available to you at affordable rates so that you can regulate your development cost and also get high ROI.


Process Oriented

We follow strict & disciplined approach to a complete makeover of your brand, We adhere to the best practices in the industry so that you gain maximum coverage.