Small Business Landing Pages: What you need to know

Many small business owners make the mistake of thinking that their website’s homepage can also act as a landing page.

Myth busted: it can’t!

Your website’s homepage is simply the digital storefront that conveys how you want your brand to be visually represented online. A landing page, on the other hand, is a page that is designed for a very specific purpose. The name can be confusing though… Landing pages aren’t simply a place where visitors“land.” They’re also a place where visitors are supposed to complete a specific action.

Take a look at giant retailer Amazon’s homepage:

amazon homepage

Looks like a warm and friendly way to get in the mood for shopping, doesn’t it? That’s all it is! The face of the online store that gives you an overview of what people are talking about, what they are buying, and other how-to’s and interesting content.

Now, here’s one of Amazon’s landing pages:

marketing landing page example from amazon

As you can see, this landing page has a much more targeted purpose. It isn’t merely a page that we look at, but one that calls for engagement. Visitors on this page are meant to do something… Take a particular action: like downloading a coupon to get more perks (in this case, a tablet, access to the Amazon library, and free digital games and apps).

A landing page is built to convert. Not American dollars to British pounds or inches to centimeters; but visitors to subscribers – or customers. In other words, any page that asks for the visitor to take action in order to convert them.. THAT is a landing page!

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