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Account Details for offline payments.

Name- Marketing Keeda
Acc. No.- 39809018739
IFSC- SBIN0004391
Branch- Mindspace, Mumbai

Kindly send us screenshot on our whatsapp number for activation

Please send us the below details with your payment screenshot

  • Name
  • Company name (incase of billing on name of company)
  • Address
  • Mobile number &
  • Email for billing purposes.

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Android Edition FAQs

You can add data to your group in 5 ways
  1. Add Contact- Manually you can Type the Name and Number
  2. Import Contact- You can save contacts saved in your sim/phone contacts
  3. Import Text file- Create an excel file, Save As Tab (Text Delimited). Format would be Name ,+91TEN DIGIT NUMBER.
  4. Import Manually- Just copy numbers, paste in the number box, selct the group and Save the data.
  5. Import CSV File- Create an excel file, Save As CSV. Format would be Name(Column 1) ,TEN DIGIT NUMBER (Column 2)
  • General Mode- Used to send text messages or images with captions to saved contacts.
  • Advanced Mode- Used to send messages with Multiple files to unknown numbers.
Yes you can. While selecting groups you can still query for names and uncheck them if you do not want to send messages to them this time. Hence you do not have delete those contacts from the groups just uncheck them and send your message.
For personalising the name of the receipant you need to use #name wherever you want the contact name to appear in your message. Please note that the contact name saved in your group would be used. Hence we suggest you to check your contacts once and edit names if you might have saved it incorectectly.
You can use png, jpeg, ppt & video also. The larger the file the more time it would take to send as it goes manually.
Our best feature comes in use here. Put a check mark on Add Option to Unsubscribe while sending the message. Contacts who text back UNSUBSCRIBE would get notified that they have been removed from the list. However they can join the list again automically by texting back SUBSCRIBE. Please make sure to enable Automatic Unsubscribe & enabling the permissions to Read messages for this feature to be functional.
Yes you can see it realtime, not only that if they Subscribe back their number would automatically get cleared from this list. You still have the option to manually Subscribe them back if they face some difficulties.
In the message screen itself there is a provision to Create templates and save them for future use. You can also personalise your message an save it.
As of now we are available only in Android format. Click the Download button to download our APK file for installation.
We offer two plan. They are Monthly validity plans and Annual validity plans. You could get a discount if you go for our annual pricing plan and save much more. Pricing is mentioned in our app.
When you download our app from our site, we offer you 2 days trial in which you can send maximum 25 messages maximum per day. The messages would be branded as Test message sent via JustSendIt app by Marketing Keeda. For removing the limit and our branding in your messages you would have to purchase a plan.
As messages go on realtime basis, we suggest you go on Airplane mode and be on wi fi so the process is not interupted.
Yes, surely. Login is through your email id. Hence login on the new phone via the same login. Make sure to have your email logged in to this new device or you would not be able to login.
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Desktop Edition FAQs

Whtspp is the cross-platform that has revolutionized the messaging world. It is a convenient way for people to chat and share media files like photos, videos, and voice notes and is also engaged in secure conversation anytime. This is a very easy way to share anything with anyone whether they are far or near to you.
We offer our software on an Annual renewal basis. All yearly updates are covered in our Annual plan.
Windows 10, Windows 8 & Windows 7 (64 bit)
We recommend that you add country codes in front of them but without “+” Example - 919819668385 should be added as 9819668385.
Make sure to have 91 added in front of the 10 digit number. This may happen because your fields have special characters. We recommend that you remove all the special characters from your fields prior to import. Commas (,) and Apostrophe (') are a BIG NO, while we recommend that you refrain from using special characters as much as possible for file import.
You can use csv, xls or txt file to upload your numbers into the Panel. We recommend using txt File for best results as it does not hinder data upload.
Add data & variable headers normally in your excel sheet. Then click Save As & select Tab(Text delimited)
You can use any structure of CSV, xls or xlsx file you have. Once uploaded you will be provided with an option to map the fields.
Yes. You can personalize your data. Along with the name you could add 5 such fields as variables.
Yes, you can do that but the fields that are mapped on the next step are the only one's that will be imported in the system.
These templates are available to you when you Click Save Message under the File option. The file would be saved as a Text file. When you need to send the message you could import the message.
No, there is no such limit for you to create templates.
We offer 3 ways. Ie Import from Whatsapp contacts, Manual Import (Manually type) & Import from File
We offer messaging to Groups, messaging to Whtspp contacts you have in your phone, Data extracting via Group grabber.
Click on Insert Fullname to personalize your message. You can also add up to 5 variables for further personalization.
Check the Internet on your phone. Suggest you connect the phone to Wi-Fi during sending a campaign.
In case you are not connected on Wi-fi you messages would get Failed as data is not being used during your call. It is BEST advised to be on Wi-Fi.
Yes, surely. Post our verification we can have it activated back on the other device at a reinstallation charge of Rs. 500
Please click on the below link to download. Click here to download
Please mail the below on [email protected] Expect a reply withi 2-3 days & if they consider it your number would be reactivated. Respected Sir/Madam My WhatsApp number "Number" got blocked yesterday date (Date)... As I am a businessman, use your platform to market my products on a state-level... Please it's my kind request to you, please unblock my number as soon as possible...as it's affecting my business. Best Regards,