CHANGE with the ADVENT of Digital Marketing.

5 am in the morning and the hangover of my dream would not let me be in peace. Soon to realize it was the digital chip integrated with my life made sounds of the signals of some social media website in my head. Just to realize a close friend delivered a baby at 3 am midnight (IST) in US. That’s when it kept me ticking that how life has really changed.

INFORMATION: Spreads like wild forest fire or just say Ebola (viral), with the speed of light, comments followed welcoming the baby. Plans were being made for celebrations, deciding name of the baby and gifts. PACE & PURCHASE: So I joined the band and ordered a bouquet in US and by morning they delivered it. Soon I realized the world was becoming closer. INSTANT CONNECT: It was 8 am in India and I could conference with my friend’s husband and personally congratulated him.

As I reach office, I see the Purchase Manager so relaxed and playing Candy Crush, as this dude has already AUTOMATED the purchase process online. Companies have started realizing the importance of Internet and in long run it surely is COST EFFECTIVE and LESS TIME CONSUMING with MEASUREMENT algorithms leading to SIX SIGMA.

Its Lunch time we got the news that there would be an adventurous trip on the weekend and we all rushed to enroll for the same. Large screens were set up with the trainers informing us on how to be prepared for the trip. What an INTERACTIVE session with details on CUSTOMIZATION. A query session with the summary ended it well.

Back to work after lunch, however it is still ticking in my head how life really changed with what I did some 15 – 20 years ago and now. I had work and hence didn’t have the time to prepare for the trip, I had to order for the gears, special camera etc. But like my colleague says “Not to worry, after GOD there is Google” and there I was on Google SEARCHING and BUYING for all my trip needs. As assured on the website the delivery was instant, just within a day as they worked 24x7x365.

So after work it was party time and we all believed to Work Smart and Party Smarter, time had come that we would go clubbing. As we reached the Lounge the bartender showed us the menu on an I Pad and when I inquired a bit more they said the Lounge had a complete wifi set up and the orders were completely PROCESS DRIVEN. We ordered the booze and food and it was there within a blink of an eyelid. The SERVICE STANDARDS was excellent.

After the fun it was time to go home and be with the family. I spent some good time listening to the Radio over the internet and relaxing for some time. Checked some mails and was time to sleep without knowing that how the world would shape the other day.

On the last note Digital Marketing is truly a reason for a smaller, faster and better amalgamated world. Here @ Marketing Keeda we do & will keep on doing this only. Using our inhouse Marketing Strategies & Keedagiri we take your brand/product which might be local & take it to a global platform at a fair price. We want to contribute a part back to social media which has made the world a smaller place.
Rajesh Salian
Marketing Keeda – In – Chief

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