How Customer Service SMS can Improve your Business?

Customer SMS Service helps your customers to stay updated with their orders and shipments. Using Marketing Keeda's Customer Service SMS, you can keep your customers lot happier and makes them to come back for more sales.

SMS, which is the short for Short Message Service, is service where it allows its users to send bulk messages to another user at nominal rates. SMS if used correctly is a brilliant tool of marketing. SMS is also cost effective and time saving it gets delivered instantly, saving the sender and receiver a lot of hassle.

Marketing today is a broad concept, gone are the days when marketing was only about promoting the products and service and making the customers aware of what’s of offer. Today marketing is so much more than, more than promoting the products marketers now focus to enhancing the customers experience through several marketing strategies such Loyalty programs, easy availability, discount for students, online stores etc.
Customer Service SMS


Today with the prominence of online shopping, SMS can be an effective tool for marketing; it can use for promoting the products as well as enhancing the experience of the consumer.

For example if a consumer has ordered something online rather than sending them confirmation through emails, companies should send them as SMS about the confirmation. Hence keep updating the customers through SMS, like informing them what is the status of their order, the availability, when their products are dispatched all information should be provided to the consumer through Customer Service SMS.

Another Example of effective marketing through SMS is service provider’s like Salons, can send an SMS to the consumer to book or confirm an appointment. Similarly an SMS could be sent when the service is complete to thank the user for choosing that particular brand and ask for their feedback. And then a follow up SMS would also be essential asking to book an appointment, reminder and such the cycle goes on.


Using SMS as marketing tools will not only ensure a smooth process by avoiding any confusions and misinterpretations. But also by enhancing the experience of the consumer with that particular brand. Thereby ensuring loyalty.

Since SMS is a mobile Phone service, it is one of the most convenient and reliable services to ensure hassle free communication with the consumer. Since everyone has a mobile phone these days and their mobile phones are always with them thus reaching them through customer service SMS is a very good option.

Not only is an SMS cost effective as compared to calling every consumer at various points, but also the response time is much better. Usually people may not answer a phone call or read an email immediately. But with SMS the scenario is different. It gets delivered easily and people are known to repeatedly check their SMS. Another plus of SMS marketing is that it is cost effective for the consumer also since an incoming SMS is free in most countries unlike the social media applications which need access to internet which generally costs a lot.


Thus, customer service SMS is the way to go, as customers like to feel in control of the purchases they are making. And SMS marketing provides the perfect reason with regular updates, customers feel connected to the company. This helps in improving customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

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